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Washington State University
WSU Puyallup Ornamental Plant Pathology

Planning meeting for stream monitoring pilot study

Jan 27 2010

Puyallup Room, WSU Puyallup


1. Number of streams, locations – we’ll start with at least 4 streams in Western WA. There will be one bait site per stream, which will be monitored at 6 2 week intervals during the period of February – June 2010. Locations of these streams could be Pierce County, King County, Snohomish County, and Kitsap County. Preferred baiting sites would be downstream from P. ramorum positive nurseries that haven’t been sampled earlier, or intensively.

2. Who does what – volunteer coordination, training, student projects, baiting, sample processing, Phytophthora ID

3. Logistics – getting the bait bags and leaf baits to and from the lab, bait deployment and retrieval, communication methods, other stuff I haven’t thought of but is probably important.

4. Schedule of events – training sessions, baiting, sample processing, results reporting.

5. Funding – we are applying for funding for two future monitoring projects. Some funds may already be available. The costs will be relatively low for supplies and materials.

Marianne Elliott

Contact: Gary Chastagner, 253-445-4528 | WSU Puyallup Research & Extension Center, 2606 West Pioneer, Puyallup, WA, 98371-4998 USA
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