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Sudden Oak Death Agriculture


WSU Sudden Oak Death Education Program

With funding provided by the USDA Forest Service and National Plant Diagnostic Network, WSU has developed an education program based at WSU Puyallup which develops educational material and presents workshops and research seminars relating to P. ramorum and other Phytophthora diseases throughout Washington.

WSU provides educational resources for homeowners, Master Gardeners, and nursery professionals such as symptom recognition and early detection of SOD and other Phytophthora diseases. Early detection is key in reducing the risk of widespread outbreaks and protecting Washington’s nursery, landscape, and forest industries from the potentially devastating effects of P. ramorum and other invasive plant diseases.

Best management practices (BMPs) for nurseries are another component of the WSU SOD Education Program. Proper use of BMPs will help nurseries prevent infestation by P. ramorum and other invasive plant diseases, as well as deal with an infestation once it has occurred.

Local students can also get research experience by working on various projects related to Phytophthora.


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