From January 1 to June 3, 2015, P. ramorum was reported in 10 nurseries (OR 8, WA 1, VA 1), one commercial landscape (LA), and a botanical garden (WA) in non-quarantine areas. P. ramorum was detected in Camellia (2), Kalmia (1), Mahonia (1), Osmanthus (1), Pieris (10), Rhododendron (40), Viburnum (4), Vinca (2), and soil samples (8). Four of the nurseries ship interstate and are in the USDA APHIS compliance program (started spring, 2014; Federal Order DA-2014-02). The Confirmed Nursery Protocol is underway in all nurseries and no findings were made at trace-forward sites. Detections at the WA botanical garden are in managed landscapes; survey and disinfestation procedures are underway.

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