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Sudden Oak Death 2015 Monitoring

Bradley Lake (Pierce College Biology 213)

Samples were collected from three locations at the lake:

Wetland area near Bradley Lake

1. Wetland area downslope from parking lot.

2. Culvert between wetland and lake

3. Lake, about 100′ from culvert

Morning and afternoon lab sessions collected samples, then did isolations the following week. Six different types of plant material were used as bait.




Puyallup stormwater retention ponds and Clark’s Creek (Puyallup High School)

Sample collection at Fruitland Estates

The same techniques were used by Puyallup High School students to collect samples in a transect containing

  1. Stormwater pond at Fruitland Estates, a new housing development with landscaping installed
  2. Clarks Creek – 2 sites that receive runoff from the general area, including overflow from stormwater ponds
  3. A large pond at Stewart Crossing, a new development that did not yet have landscaping installed.

Puyallup sites




Photos of oomycetes found at all Puyallup sites:

Saprolegnia oogonium being parasitized by Pythium
Saprolegnia oogonium being parasitized by Pythium




Other genera