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My name is Joey Hulbert and I am a forest pathologist in training. I recently completed a MS at Oregon State University and now I am  prepping to move to South Africa for a PhD with Dr. Micahel Wingfield at FABI.

For the PhD, we plan to survey the indigenous forests of South Africa for Phytopthora species with the help of the public. We want to create a citizen science program that teaches the public about forest pathology and invites them to help sample the trees in their communities and near-by forests. The PhD will be funded but we are trying to raise support for starting the citizen science program. To do this we have launched a crowdfunding campaign.
I am reaching out to you with hope that you will share this project with your social networks and anyone who may see the value in this project. Please help us spread the word!
The below link will take you to the project. There is a 5-minute video that I put together to summarize the scope and value.

Discovering plant destroyers in South Africa