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The Initiative

The Arbutus ARME is an initiative to collaboratively advance knowledge that is important to conserving the Pacific Madrone. Please contact us or sign up for the newsletter below if you’re interested in joining the initiative.

Where does the name come from?

Arbutus menziesii is the binomial name for Pacific Madrone. A.R.M.E., like Army, is the shorthand abbreviation Arbutus menziesii.


Like any other army, we are a force. More specifically, we are more of a botanical and community-powered collective of people focused on facilitating efforts at Pacific madrone research, conservation, restoration and education.

We are an all-inclusive group, so feel free to call the tree by the variety of common names out there in the world. It can change based on your geographic location. Arbutus is the name often used north of the border in Canada. Madrone, madrona, madroño are all good too.

Pacific Madrone

Icon of the Pacific Nortwest

Pacific madrone (arbutus, madrona, madroño) is a iconic and beautiful species of the Pacific Northwest.

The species has substantial value in the region’s cultural heritage. Pacific madrone has adapted several interesting traits that it uses to play a unique role in the ecology of PNW forests. Read more about this species on our Pacific Madrone webpage.


Pacific Madrone Tree in Puget Sound

Project Origin

WSU Puyallup Campus

A Co-Designed Initiative

This initiative has been designed in partnership between Seattle Parks and Recreation and our program, the WSU Ornamental Plant Pathology Program.

In April 2016, partners and stakeholders joined together for the Future of the Pacific Madrone Symposium at WSU Puyallup. Participants expressed concerns for the condition of Pacific madrone populations and brainstormed a ‘wish list’ for research and possible actions. In particular, participants noted the need for a survey and database dedicated to learning more about the health of madrone populations.

These discussions evolved into the creation of the Arbutus ARME and the inclusion of a Pacific madrone project in the TreeSnap smartphone application. More information about this tool is described below.

Project Goals

Long-Term Goals:

  • Advance knowledge about the range and condition of Pacific madrone populations.
  • Determine the causes and consequences of the leaf blight.
  • Identify populations most resistant to leaf blight and best suited for restoration.
  • Build a network of interested and engaged volunteers,  supporters and stakeholders.

Short-Term Goals:

  • Host symposia dedicated to Pacific madrone research and conservation,
  • Share information important to conservation and restoration of Pacific madrone,
  • Publish a guide dedicated to the care and cultivation of Pacific madrone.

Please contact us if you’re interested in contributing to achieve these goals!

How to Contribute

Screenshot of TreeSnap Smartphone Application

We need your help to advance knowledge about the health of Pacific Madrone!

Join us to assess the health and condition of madrone populations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Get involved by reporting healthy and diseased trees using the TreeSnap smartphone application.

google play badge

TreeSnap is an easy to use mobile app to share observations about Pacific madrone. These observations will be collected in a database to locate the most healthy and least healthy populations. It will also allow us to test for patterns across the landscape and identify areas of concern or those most in need of restoration.

TreeSnap Instruction Videos

More Information and Resources

Additional resources for the Arbutus ARME are listed below. Please contact us if you have any trouble accessing the links or resources.

Arbutus ARME Annual Reports

Scientific Publication Reference List (Library)

Click here for a list of resources about Pacific madrone compiled by Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Previous Workshop Presentations

Click here to view our previous presentations given at workshops or other events.


Previous Events

“The Future of Pacific Madrone” Mini-conference held April 19-20 2016 at WSU Puyallup.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon or contact us about upcoming events to learn more about our Pacific Madrone research or the opportunities to meet others in the Arbutus ARME.

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