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WSU Puyallup Ornamental Plant Pathology

Sudden Oak Death Education Program


Rhododendron plants at Puyallup farm

WSU Puyallup developed an program to provide educational material and activities relating to P. ramorum and other Phytophthora diseases throughout Washington with funding provided by the USDA Forest Service and National Plant Diagnostic Network.

Below we provide educational resources for homeowners, land managers, Master Gardeners, and nursery professionals. These resources include guides for symptom recognition, early detection and management of Phytophthora diseases such as SOD. Early detection is key for protecting Washington’s nursery, landscape, and forest industries from the effects of P. ramorum and other invasive plant diseases.

Developing Best Management Practices (BMPs) for nurseries are another component of the WSU SOD Education Program. Proper use of BMPs will help nurseries prevent or mitigate infestations by P. ramorum and other invasive plant diseases.

The WSU Puyallup program also provides opportunities for local students to obtain research experience by working with us on various projects related to Phytophthora.

General Information

Sudden Oak Death

Hosts and identification

Phytophthora diseases

Diagnostics – Do I have Phytophthora ramorum?

Information for Specific Audiences


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Plant Nursery Professionals

Nursery Inspector

Garden Managers, Staff & Volunteers

Rhododendron plant at Bloedel Nature Reserve

Forests Managers & Christmas Tree Growers

Christmas tree manager

Native Plant Producers & Managers


and Learners

More Information and Resources

WSU Resources

SOD Research Program

WSU Sudden Oak Death Research Program Brochure

SOD Nursery Management

WSU Sudden Oak Death Nursery Management Brochure

SOD Stream Monitoring

WSU Stream Monitoring Brochure

External Resources

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