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WSU Puyallup About Pacific Madrone

The Council Madrone

750_Council madrone“The Council Madrone was located upslope from the Mattole River in Humboldt County, California. In this photo are Dr. Frank A. Lang and Frank Callahan (w/o the sunglasses) along with Frank L.’s dog. This tree’s last measurements before its demise during a wet snow event are given as follows: 13′ DBH Height 100′ and 115′ crown spread. In short the Council Madrone has about twice the wood volume as Washington’s Port Angeles tree.

The largest Pacific madrone that I have ever encountered was a tree that was 14′ DBH growing on Cleveland Ridge, Jackson County, Oregon and was in decline and cut for firewood – the tree (from memory) branched ca. 25′ above the ground into multiple very large trunks. The woodcutters remarked “the tree yielded over 14 cords of wood”. I think the tree was ca. 125′ tall – at the time of its demise. Of interest, this madrone did not have basal sprouts, and the center was hollow exhibiting ca. 4′ x 5′ cavity. We were unable to determine the age of the tree but suspect it was in the 800 year range – as you may know madrone rings are very difficult to count.”

Photo and information about the tree courtesy of Frank Callahan.