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Washington State University
WSU Puyallup About Pacific Madrone

slideshow1_24Botanical information from USDA PLANTS database

Species account from USDA Forest Service Fire Effects Information System (FEIS)

Description in “Silvics of North America: Volume 2, Hardwoods” USDA Forest Service Agriculture Handbook 654

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British Columbia

Description in BC Ministry of Forests and Range Tree Book

Arbutus Arts – woodworking, stories, and much more from the northern end of the range of Pacific madrone.






Botanical information from the Jepson Manual, UC Berkeley

Other Arbutus species

There are about 14 species in the genus Arbutus, found in Western Europe, the Mediterranean, and North America. Some of the more commonly seen species are listed below:

Europe North America
A. unedo (Strawberry Tree) A. glandulosa (Mexican madrone)
A. andrachne (Greek Strawberry Tree) A. xalapensis (Texas Madrone)
A. canariensis (Canary Madrone) A. arizonica (Arizona Madrone)