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New Program Collaboration Opportunity


Help Shape This Program

We would love your input!

We received support from the USDA to start a regional Forest Health Watch (‘citizen science’) program. The aim is to promote the health of forests (urban and rural) by inviting communities to participate in research about forest health issues in the Pacific Northwest.

Help us design the program so that it provides useful and timely information through meaningful opportunities for public participation and informal education.

Please share your perspective and indicate if you’re interested in collaborating below.

What is Citizen Science?

‘Citizen science’ is a term for research championed by people without formal scientific backgrounds. For example, sharing observations or pictures of trees is one way people can contribute to research in citizen science projects.

We love citizen science projects because they can provide both educational and research outcomes.

Program Overview

The aim of the Forest Health Watch program is to host multiple citizen science projects about tree health issues.

Starting with a pilot project, we will launch a platform for communities to share observations (pictures) online and provide opportunities for informal education (webinars, workshops, in-class exercises, educational hikes, etc). We are open to designing the projects and educational activities to match the learning outcomes of any group.


Postdoctoral Researcher, Joey Hulbert, received a USDA NIFA Postdoctoral Fellowship (Grant Number 2020-67034-31766) to lead the above mentioned program. Although there is a small budget for engagement activities, Joey will also dedicate time to securing more support to expand the capacity and inclusion of the program.

Please contact Joey Hulbert for more information or get in touch by completing the webform below.

Share your Input

The webform to indicate preferences for a program title has been closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Want to be Involved?


Please complete the below webform if you’re interested in being involved in the program design or if you want to receive updates.

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