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Pacific Madrone Research Pacific Madrone Survey

We are creating a database to update the madrone distribution map and learn more about the health condition of the species throughout its range.

For details about the data and representative photos to help you complete the survey, download the Pacific Madrone Assessment Guidebook, then complete the survey using one of the methods below.

Survey data can be collected in several ways:

  1. Download the paper survey, complete, and return to WSU either by scanning/emailing, entering data in the webform on your computer, or snail mail.
  2. Webform – use your smartphone and web browser (must have internet connection)
  3. TreeSnap – use the smartphone app. Data can be uploaded later if internet connection not available in the field.
    Youtube video on how to use TreeSnap (~5 minutes).

Tell us what you think about this survey and help us improve it.