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Washington State University
WSU Puyallup Ornamental Plant Pathology

In January 2010, Steve Oak (US Forest Svc, Asheville, NC) and Jaesoon Hwang (Clemson University, Clemson, SC) visited western Washington to collect samples from streams known to contain P. ramorum and test out the BOB method, filtration, and leaf baiting for detecting P. ramorum. Dan Omdal (WADNR) and Marianne Elliott (WSU) took them to stream sites where leaf baits were deployed and assisted with collecting samples.

The BOB method will be very useful in situations where it is difficult to return to the site to collect more samples or where the water level in the stream is too low to use a bait bag.

See more photos here.



Contact: Gary Chastagner, 253-445-4528 | WSU Puyallup Research & Extension Center, 2606 West Pioneer, Puyallup, WA, 98371-4998 USA
Last updated January 2, 2013