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Washington State University
WSU Puyallup Pacific Madrone Survey

Madrone survey webforms

Complete these webforms using your smartphone and web browser in the field (must have internet connection). Or fill in information collected in the paper form here.

Fields can be left blank if desired, but more information is better. There is space to provide written descriptions, and  you can upload photos of tree characteristics. There are many ways to complete this survey.

Site information First, provide information about the site. Then enter tree data on the single tree or multiple tree form below. You can use the single tree form for multiple trees at a site. Or use the multiple tree form and assessment codesheet.

Single tree survey form – This webform can be used in areas where there is internet access to record data for one tree at a time.

Multiple tree survey – Use the numeric codes in the madrone assessment codesheet to fill in this survey on sites where there are multiple madrone trees.