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Washington State University
WSU Puyallup Ornamental Plant Pathology


The baiting for the 2010 pilot study is now complete. We are in the process of isolating and identifying all the Phytophthora species. Check out the results pages for the latest information.

Thanks to everyone for helping out with this project. We will be having a meeting/lunch event to look at our results and talk about next years monitoring towards the end of July. If you have ideas for other locations to monitor in 2011, let us know.

After two baiting intervals, we are happy to report that there has been no P. ramorum detected at any of the sites. Several different Phytophthora species have been isolated but not identified.

Thanks to the US Forest Service for providing two years worth of funding for this project!

Initial bait deployment and volunteer training is scheduled for four sites during the first week of March.

We will be holding a training session for people who wish to volunteer in the lab doing sample processing and Phytophthora identification sometime in mid-march. If you are interested in lab work, let Marianne know.

Marianne Elliott (